the Search for Good News series

In the world today, in every nations, sectors, communities, from the extended family to every home there is the cry for GOOD NEWS. There is the thirst for one Good News or the other in every individual’s life. The nations cry and await the Good News of a change, development and stability. Many homes searches for that Good News of peace, love and comfort while many individuals too continues to outstretch their arm for the Good News of their freedom, rewards, joy and laughter. The Bible says “Good News from far away is like cold water to the thirsty. Proverbs 25:25”. This tells that Good News brings satisfaction to wherever there is need and want, so if any wants satisfaction on anything let such seek the Good News from God.

Today, many seek Good News by seeking the face of God, some by buying their way in and while some consult men like themselves- consultants, mediums, occult and diabolical means.
Beloved to experience God, you have to be in God; to experience the Word, be in the Word and to be able to experience the Light, you have to be in the Light as well.

Wherever there is a Good News from God, the Bible say it is like cold water to the thirsty. It quenches thirst, hungry and wants or grieves. It puts an end to the suffering, to the long waiting, to the affliction. It gives hope and life to the children of God. Brethren, maybe after examining this message from God, you will love to return back to God, rededicate yourself back to God that you may receive Good News from God. And if you are being oppressed, well then, you will like to rededicate yourself that the LORD may intervene and give you satisfaction.

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