The reason you haven’t grown in faith, still can’t recover and discover the voice of God, keep falling in sin with your life in more terrible state day after day which makes you to begin to see nothing good about yourself or ask whether the LORD will rescue you or not is just because you are yet to take off the old so you can grow in the newness and that the newness can grow in you as well bearing new fruit.
Many keep bearing old fruit, even with their going to Church, listening to audio messages, trying to pray their ways out of sinning, but still they return back to their vomit, why is this so? This is because they haven’t stopped going to their boy/girl’s friends house, they haven’t quitted that sinful job, they are yet to get separated from the old, the paralyzing and devouring pathway and lifestyle. It looks sweet, cool and you call it living life, joining the trends, living smart or another opportunity to not to miss but it’s assassinating, paralyzing, and it’s destroys, it’s a power that ties down, or magnetize one in one position most times returning you to the starting point, destroying all your good effort you have made to arise and how long you have tried, thus making you to try again and again without been successful. It is the reason men of faith fall. Men of faith that walks in it pathway don’t move forward.

The Bible says “16 Besides, who would patch old clothing with new cloth? For the new patch would shrink and rip away from the old cloth, leaving an even bigger tear than before. Matthew 9:16”.
Repent from sinning, wickedness and evil against others and ACCEPT Jesus, He will surely give you a peaceful, changed heart and you shall life.

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